312 Miles Later in East St. Loui s
Sioux Falls by April 22 OR??? Music, Music, Music!!! A visit to Nashville is never complete without an evening at
the Grand Old Opry!!!  We stayed at Two River's Camp-
Ground, which is right around the corner from the Opry, and very convenient.  The show was great and you can see several pictures of the show on our web site.  We were here about three years ago with friends,  Pat and Diane and had a good time then too.  An unexpected benefit to this campground was a concert on the grounds  in the evening.  It was a chilly night, but many of the campers came out to listen.  Paul and  his wife entertained us for two hours on the back porch of the Registration Building with Country  and Blue Grass pieces.  Their web site is www.paulhillsings.com .  It was a very  enjoyable evening!  This was a nice first stop.  You are not going to see me talking about very many interesting restaurants in this newsletter, as Bob and I decided to take this time to go back on our strict diet for a few weeks  while we are alone. I have had to remember how to really cook again!!
Or Marie would have to take her drivering test all over again!! Bob was really worried about me passing the test!! On our way we stopped in Nashville for a little music; St.Louis, to visit the Arch; and the  Casino Queen.  Taking our time paid off,  as by the time we arrived in Bellevue, NE,  the weather was beautiful!! We had a great visit at Alternative Resources and we did get our licenses renewed. Since we were already in NE, we visited Blue Ox and then headed for DesMoines, Iowa to look around and add another state capitol to our list.  By the end of the month of April, we were in Independence, MO. This campground was part of the Casino Queen and
was a pleasant surprise.  As we looked out, our front window, we were looking at the famous Arch and the St. Louis sky line.  What a view!!  It made up for the aggravation of trying to find the exit ramp we needed to get there.  We visited the casino  which is located on a boat on the river, but found it much too smokey to stay very long.  I had some luck, as I won $25. with the Casino's $5.00.  Not bad!  We ended up staying three nights instead of two, because of bad weather.  Why drive in nasty weather if we don't have to?