Bob sits opposite me in the living area of our motor home, working on his computer projects.  Together we make plans for the coming year.
We took a day and went to Huntington Beach State Park.  This is the story of Anna Hyatt Huntington and Archer Milton Huntington, both  originally from New York. They bought over six thousand acres in 1930 here to study wildlife under natural conditions.  Together they built Atalaya, of Moorish architecture, using local workmanship.  Anna worked on her sculptures here in her workshop using live animals as models.  Much of her work is located nearby in Brookgreen Gardens.  Besides the 30 room home, there is a campground, beach, marsh walk
and Education Center.  Loggerhead sea turtles nest on the beach and are protected.  Today it is a treasure of South Carolina and a nice place to visit along with Brookgreen Gardens next door.
Fun Things To Do Then of course there is St. Patrick's Day, Bob's favorite holiday.  Myrtle Beach is not New York when it comes to this holiday.  You can find a decent cornbeef and cabbage dinner, but really have to look around.  New York it is not!  Well we watched the parade on TV in the AM and then went to Broadway At The Beach where we had the traditional dinner at a local restaurant.  
The left picture below is of a female rowing team from Williams College in Massachusetts.  They come to Briercliffe each year on Spring Break to practice.  They use our facilities and members volunteer their services to feed them daily.  The picture on the right is of a local swing bridge on the intercoastal waterway which is at Barefoot Landing and near the campground. Pictures Back